10 Dec 2016

Your Home Repair Checklist for a Stress Free Winter

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner and winter not too far away, now is the time to take care of all those annoying little repairs you’ve been putting off and get started on your home repair checklist. These minor repairs can make a big difference in the way you and your home get through the cold of winter, and may save you money as well.

One of the first things you should look at for a stress free winter is cleaning your gutters and leaders.  Have them clear, so water flows freely, and avoid any backups that could lead to water damage. I like to clean mine right around the Thanksgiving holiday, that way most of the leaves have fallen. Don’t forget to shut the outdoor water and drain, to avoid broken hoses or pipes. While on the roof check for and repair any leaks, remove tree branches and debris. Seal any openings around windows and doors. This will not only keep your house warmer, but will save you money by lowering your energy bill. Next, check your foundation, driveways, and sidewalks for cracks since it’s easy for ice to build up in the holes making your walkway an accident in the making.

To ensure a stress free winter, you will want to have a professional inspect and clean your heating system. If you have baseboard or hot water heating a professional can bleed your radiators thereby keeping them in tip top condition. You’ll find that the house will heat more evenly and the system will operate quietly. You will also want to check your fireplace. Does it need to be cleaned? Years of use can cause buildup within the chimney and this over time becomes a fire hazard. Remember to keep the flue closed when it’s not being used.   Visit here to learn more about the dangers and what you can do to keep your home out of harm’s way. Last and most important use this time of year to make sure your family is safe. Test all your smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors. You will also want to replace batteries in your fire and burglar alarms. Make sure the garage door opener has fresh batteries as well. Lastly, check fire extinguishers and take the time to discuss what to do in emergencies with the entire family, especially small children who may need a refresher to ensure everyone is on the same page and that you enjoy a stress free winter.

I hope you find these home repair tips helpful. They have served me and my family well over the years.

Wishing you wonderful and safe winter holiday season.

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