7 Mistakes That Cost Homeowners BIG Money During Cold Weather

Wintry weather is great at turning up problems you didn’t even know you had. Like that first snowy night in front of your fireplace that you thought was pure bliss — until you noticed a leak in the ceiling corner, which apparently was caused by a lack of insulation. How were you supposed to know.. read more →

Safety First When Decorating for the Holidays

This being my last article until after the New Year, I want to wish all my friends a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas and most of all a Very Happy and Healthy New Year. I hope you all get everything you wish for. This post is being written to remind you when decorating for the holidays.. read more →

3 Must-vs-Lust Buying Tips to Avoid Overspending

The super-simple (and fun) way to separate needs from nice-to-haves. This post will show you how to pare down the excess and make sure to get the things you really NEED. Make a List of Wants Start by making a list of everything you want in your house. If you love it, jot it down. Have your.. read more →

Tough Rules but this New Program will Help Homeowners

If you’re having trouble making your mortgage payment, there are a billion reasons to check out the latest federal government mortgage assistance program. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Emergency Homeowners Loan Program, now running in 27 states and Puerto Rico, will dole out $1 billion in interest-free loans to about 30,000 homeowners.. read more →

Buying a Fixer-Upper: Is It Worth It? How to Tell

Here’s how that sad-looking house can be a wealth-builder. In 2012, Alessandra Pollina and her husband, Ondre, were looking for a property that would need no more than some cosmetic changes and upgrades. But because the price was right, they ended up with the ultimate fixer-upper: a two unit, single-family-style home that was already gutted.. read more →

5 Success Tips to Incorporate in Your Home Buying Plan

Planning to Buy? Got a Plan for What Comes After? 5 questions help you look ahead to home ownership. Buying a home comes with a huge financial stake, a lot of responsibility, and even more fine print. While investing in this aspect of the American dream is exciting, it’s important to reflect on your current.. read more →

4 Ways to Avoid DIY Mistakes — From a DIYer Who’s Made Them All

  For Lucas Hall, finding that answer has been trial and error. As a “DIY landlord” for more than two years and founder of Landlordology, an online resource for landlords, he’s gutted three homes and renovated countless others. “I’m just handy enough to be dangerous,” Hall says. He’s suffered more than his fair share of.. read more →

How to DIY Your Taxes — and Not Miss a Single Deduction

Ready or not, the tax man’s coming. Filing your taxes yourself may not be your idea of a fun night at home, but even so, it doesn’t really have to be that bad. Yes, even if you own a home. Even if you itemize your deductions. Even if you’re scared of making a mistake. We.. read more →

Tax Season: What New Homeowners Can Expect

No one wants to think about government paperwork, especially when your hand still aches from signing the 977 forms required to buy your first house? But listen up: As a new homeowner, you can typically wave bye-bye to the 1040-EZ form and say hi to itemizing your deductions on Schedule A. That means you can combine.. read more →

Your Top Homeownership Tax Questions Answered

There are a lot of homeownership tax benefits — if you don’t forget to take them. To make sure you get your due, HouseLogic asked tax expert Abe Schneier, a former senior technical manager with the American Institute of CPAs, for tax-filing tips. HouseLogic: What’s the most common home-related tax deduction or credit claimed by.. read more →