How Easy Is It to Install and Use a Wireless Thermostat?

This post is sponsored by Honeywell. I received a Lyric thermostat and compensation in exchange for coverage. All opinions and thoughts about this product are my own. As a home improvement contributor for HouseLogic, I recently received a new thermostat from Honeywell to test. They wanted to know how the thermostat performs, and also if.. read more →

8 Places to Go When Your Mortgage Lender Says No

New mortgage rules are pretty clear about what you have to do to convince a lender you’re a qualified mortgage borrower. Meant to measure your ability to repay, the new rules created a list of eight things lenders had to check to make sure you could repay your mortgage. Those protections help ensure we’re not.. read more →

Can One Home Insurance Claim Bump Up Your Annual Premium?

When a tree fell on my house during a derecho wind storm last summer, it poked a half-dozen holes about the size of a car steering wheel in the roof. But my husband, Al, and I weren’t in a hurry to call our insurance company. Call us paranoid, but until we knew how much it.. read more →

How Fast Can a Burglar Break In to Your Garage?

Below is a video that shows a burglar only needs a wire hanger and six seconds to break in to a garage has received nearly 1.5 million views on YouTube. Maybe that’s because garage door burglaries are on the rise in parts of the country, according to a variety of reports we found. We’re not.. read more →

Should You Replace Old Wiring?

Old wiring—even knob and tube wiring that dates back to the early 20th century—isn’t inherently dangerous, but unless you were around when the house was built, you can’t be sure the electrical system is up to code. Plus, materials such as wire insulation can deteriorate over time. Safety issues with old wiring Faulty wiring is.. read more →

What Not to Do as a New Homeowner

If you’re new to homeownership, you’ll definitely want to avoid these easy-to-prevent mistakes that could cost you big time. We know so well the thrill of owning your own house — but don’t let the excitement cause you to overlook the basics. We’ve gathered up a half dozen classic boo-boos new homeowners often commit —.. read more →

Tips to Keep Your Home Purchase on Track

You’ve found your dream home. Make sure missteps don’t prevent a successful closing. If a contract requires you to have a home inspection, schedule an appointment immediately. A home purchase isn’t complete until you make it to the closing. Until then, the transaction can fall apart for many reasons. Here are five tips for avoiding.. read more →

The Timing is Right for Turning Your Dreams into an Address

Dear Friends, With summer gone and with the kids back in school, now is the perfect time to once again concentrate on buying or selling your home, and I would like to help. I, coupled with the support of Douglas Elliman have much to offer both buyers and sellers. We are a one stop shop.. read more →

How to Care for Your Water Heater

Keep your water heater running efficiently and reliably with this simple maintenance routine. Hot water heaters work hard for you, providing warm baths, clean clothes, and sparkling pots and pans. So show your water heater some love by following a routine maintenance schedule that will keep it running for its 15-year expected lifetime, and perhaps.. read more →

How to Pick Paint Colors You’ll Love

Paint has remodeling power when you use it to emphasize a room’s best features or play down the flaws. Every home suffers a few negatives, but not every solution requires pricey structural changes. Paint is an often-overlooked, low-cost remodeler’s remedy for common complaints with interiors, offering the chameleon-like ability to lighten, warm, enlarge, erase, or.. read more →